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Personally, I don't want to use any other lip balm BUT this one. If you despise glosses that leave your lips sticky and leave that white residue line around your lips when you talk (you know what I'm talking about?) then snag this or a few at Sephora. Silky, buttery, and this color is perfect for my skin tone. Gotta love a soft, nude brown.

This tier! I personally love it, even though I wish it was just a tad bit thicker in texture. But overall, the smell is feminine without being overbearing you know? Not too much scent, as if you just sprayed on a whole bottle of perfume.

Lastly, this brand Aquaphor I've never used before now, so I was a bit hesitant because my skin is so sensitive it's hard testing out different moisturizers and things especially on my face. This ointment, it's giving Vaseline vibes. It's rich in moisture and doesn't leave behind any white casting or residue. This ointment is used for my hyperpigmentation on my face, my hands, elbows, and feet. I'm not a fan of the smell, it really doesn't have one which is kind of wacky because this would be perfect x10 if it smelled like baby lotion or fresh linen.

*MOISTURE TIP* 1. Mix some Aquaphor and the Sol de Janeiro together for the best moisture AND smell. Especially on your feet and heels. Thank me later!

Click on the photos to immediately be directed to the website to snag yours, girlfriend!
Until next time, xo CH


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