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Here's What You Can Expect from Me in the Upcoming Months

Let me first say that I am so excited to be blogging again! It's been about eight years since I've done this so, yeah, I'm actually a bit nervous but more so excited to be sharing with you in this form. Over the next few months, my sharing on social media is going to be in segments due to the fact that my family and I are in the middle of a huge transition. Being settled in our new home and creating new routines that work for us is something that I look forward to personally because building community offline as well as in person is near and dear to my heart.

One of the biggest things I'm working toward this year is being more consistent on social media in regard to all things beauty and lifestyle. As well as, building and creating content for our new family brand and one of my husband's new business ventures.

Striding Mom Co.

I shared with my newsletter community last month that I will no longer be podcasting. As much as I loved it, it was exhausting. I've found something that allows us to still remain connected offline, which is this here blog and my amazing newsletter for mom's. This year, we will be sampling new apparel and products, both digital and physical to add to our new shop. The Motherhood Made Me A Savage era is dead and had it's run, so we're excited to share our new designs soon for mama's and their kiddos.

The Hazer Home

We are still in the brainstorming phase with The Hazer Home.

When it comes to our home space, G and I are HUGE on organization and structure. Along with this, we both are passionate about generational wealth, real estate, and investing. This is something we discussed on possibly sharing on our platform. A simple, yet impactful way to not only promote our family business but also inspire other black families to utilize resources that are available to them to build wealth for their children and families to come after them.

My palms are sweating a little as I type this because with all of the excitement, there are doubts and a bit of fear, but I know that we are equipped for this. You too, are equipped for this. Building a business, takes time and if I can be frank, in the past I'd give up too soon. Looking for that instant gratification and operating a business out of survival mode wasn't effective for me. I was so focused on the visitor count on my website, how much money I was/wasn't making, that I lost sight of why I was instructed by God to start this community in the first place. Never again.

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